At Stone Headstones, we specialize in creating exquisite handcrafted headstones and memorials tailored to meet each individual’s needs. 

We offer a range of services to enhance your black and white images:

  • Colorizing black and white images to breathe new life into your memories.
  • Changing backgrounds with a selection available for your preference.
  • Removing unwanted elements such as people, hands, shoulders, or objects (excluding hats or sunglasses).
  • Correcting blemishes, creases, or slight rips to restore the image’s integrity.
  • Changing clothing with various options to choose from.
  • Seamlessly combining individuals from separate images into one cohesive composition.

These services are designed to elevate your black and white images, ensuring they reflect your vision and memories flawlessly


Permanite offers color-fast, non-fading Porcelain Plaques suitable for various applications, including memorial panels for loved ones, pet plaques, and wet area signage.

Featuring full-color photographic images that endure for years and require minimal maintenance, Permanite plaques are a durable choice.

These plaques can be customized to any shape, up to 800 mm square, and can be mounted on a wide range of surfaces, from Granite Headstones to Concrete Walls, and even at Ground Level in Paths & Lawns.

Von Dincklage



ENGRAVED images.

From $299 (up to 12cm x 12cm) to $2,300 (40cm x 50cm).

CERAMIC photos.

From $299 (up to 12cm x 12cm) to $1,200 (24cm x 30cm).


Laser engraving on headstones involves using a laser beam to etch designs, text, or images onto the surface of the stone. This process offers several advantages, including precision, durability, and the ability to create intricate and detailed designs. Laser engraving allows for customization of headstones with personal messages, imagery, or even portraits of the deceased. It provides a long-lasting and weather-resistant marking that preserves the memory of loved ones for generations

Tonga headstone




From $299 (up to 12cm x 12cm) to $2,300 (40cm x 50cm).


From $299 (up to 12cm x 12cm) to $1,200 (24cm x 30cm).


Price on application 


Sending us a high-quality image is the number one factor in receiving an engraved plaque or headstone that is exceptional.

Tip #1

Send the original full size image. Size matters! If you have a small thumbnail image it will be very blurry when enlarged and there is really nothing we can do to fix the blurry look of a small, low-resolution photo.

Tip #2

Zoom In and look at what you’re sending us. Sometimes an image looks nice on a small phone screen, but when you view it on a regular monitor you can see that it really isn’t in focus.

Tip #4

If you’re taking a picture of a photo: try taking it from different angles in different rooms and different lighting. Check for glare spots, reflections, and shadows. We can only do so much to edit an image of your dog with the shape of a hand holding a phone in the middle of the dog’s face. Consider taking the photo to an office supply or mailbox store and having the photo scanned.

Tip #3

If you’re deciding between images, email them to us. We will look at them on our giant graphics monitor and let you know which one would make the best engraving. We would be happy to help you choose before you place your order, as switching photos mid-order could result in additional photo editing fees.

Tip #5

Don’t send an edited image. Please leave the editing to us – we will probably do a better job of removing the photo background or fixing photo issues while retaining as much photo detail as possible.
We can work with images of varying quality and we will do our best to enhance and improve images to make the very best etching as possible, but sending a great image to begin with is the best-case scenario.

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